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100% mobile media blasting specializing in wet and dry sand blasting for superior surface preparation.


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Sandblasting Services

Boise Blasting offers mobile and dustless sandblasting services.

Dustless Blasting in Boise

Dustless Blasting is a revolutionary paint stripping and cleaning system that can remove virtually any coating from almost any surface, without creating a huge plume of dust.

The Dustless Blaster works by mixing water and abrasive inside the blast tank. By introducing water, we’re drastically increasing mass and energy the machine is putting out, while suppressing dust.

We service Boise, Idaho and Ada County with professional mobile sandblasting resurfacing solutions.

Boise, Idaho Sandblasting Services

Boise Blasting Company provides mobile sandblasting services for the preparation of a multitude of surfaces. They provide professional, punctual and dust-free sand blasting service for a variety of surfaces to remove chipped paint, rust, dirt, corrosion, mold/mildew from surfaces such as metal, brick, stone, masonry, cement, fiberglass, and wood. We commonly work in the automotive, heavy equipment, graffiti removal, boats, brick and concrete structures, trailers, pools and decking surfaces.

Sandblasting is a process of using a power tool to apply pressure and an abrasive material (typically sand or crushed glass) to a surface or object to remove unwanted materials from the surface. This works well for objects that need to be repainted or have rust removed from them.

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