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Finished metal sandblasting project.

Boise Blasting Company was formed in February 2019 as an alternative to traditional sandblasting companies.  With over 40 years of experience in surface preparation and an acute attention to detail we can solve your surface cleaning/preparation problem.  Boise Blasting Company is 100% mobile media blasting business that specializes in wet and dry blasting for superior surface preparation.  We bring our state of the art equipment to you or your job site. View our sandblasting services portfolio and take a look at our gallery of recent resurfacing projects.
Boise Blasting Company is the ideal solution no matter what the application.  Automotive, marine, grafitti removal, wood, brick, masonry, concrete, stone, fiberglass, fleet vehicles, heavy equipment, powdercoat removal, line stripe removal, surface cleaning and more.  Our dustless blasting process can be used on nearly any type of surface.  No need to load up your project and bring it to us, we come to you, which saves you time and money. No matter what type of surface you need cleaned or prepped for future top coat, we have the solution. Our wet blasting process(dustless) means you will not get metal panel warping that can occur with a dry process due to heat build up.  Our primary media is crushed glass which is non toxic, 100% recycled and friendly to the environment, vegetation, people and pets.  We also have experience with many other types of media including sand, copper slag, aluminum oxide, walnut shells, plastic bead, glass bead and many others.  We fit the proper media to your application!

Our Blaster

The DB800 Mobile is a high productivity blaster. It includes a 100 ft blast horse, 2 tungsten carbide nozzles, a 150 gallon water tank, and an ADCS-1500 air dryer/cooler which allows dry blasting and soda blasting, in addition to dustless blasting. 

Brian Mitchell


I have over 35 years of experience in the car restoration business using several types of media blasting, as well as, commercial grade machinery. Mobile blasting has changed the way I do business, as I can bring the equipment to the job site for restoration of everything from cars, dump trucks and trailers to removing graffiti, rust, paint and debris from brick, stone, wood, metal and many other surfaces. Bridges, buildings, roads and pools are often in need of restoration and my multi-media process is perfect for any job.