Concrete resurfacing with blasting
concrete pool deck resurfacing

Concrete Surface

Pool Deck covering removed to expose original concrete. The Cool Deck had aged and was a slipping hazard.

Paint Removal and Surface Prep

Garbage Truck – Old chipped and faded red paint removed. New Surface is Paint Ready.

Finished sandblasting project to remove paint.
Rusted and chipped paint removal process with sandblasting.
Rust removal

Rust and Chipped Paint Removal

This car chassis was rusted and covered in chipped paint. Blasting restored it to bare metal and is ready to prime and paint.

Blasting To Resurface Metal

Car body restored to original metal without warping or scarring the surfaces.

Sandblasting to remove graffiti
blasting removed graffiti from wall

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal project with sandblasting to remove paint and restore the wall to the original surface.

Vehicle Paint Removal and Resurface

Blasting for paint removal and surface preparation for a new paint job on a Chevy K-5 Blazer.

Paint and rust removal project
sandblasting to remove truck paint and rust.
Resurfacing metal table legs.
Finished metal sandblasting project.

Metal Resurfacing

Metal table legs sandblasted and resurfaced to look like new.

Large Equipment Resurfacing

Sandblasting to resurface a large grader to remove paint and rust.

sandblasting large vehicles
Completed sandblasting of large vehicle.
After Brick: Old Paint and Adhesive removal
Finished metal sandblasting project.

Paint Removal

Paint removal from a brick surface restored to the original paint-free color and texture.

Car Resurfacing

Paint and rust removal on a ’69 Ford Mustang Fastback.

sandblasting an old vehicle to prep for paint.
Resurfacing to remove paint on a car.